Ground Control by K.A. Hough

"There's no going back."

Sarah's husband has accepted a position on the next shuttle to Mars, leaving her with the decision to pack up her life and their children to go with him—or lose him forever.

Fifteen years ago, Sarah was a biology student with a lot of potential. Since then, she's been drifting from city to city, leaving behind friends and family to follow her ambitious husband as he rises to the top of his field.

"We're going to Mars."

As she packs up to follow him again, this time on a one-way mission to join the growing colony on Mars, Sarah struggles with the choices she has made in her past and knows she must decide what she really wants. When an unknown threat jeopardizes not only the people aboard the shuttle, but the very viability of the Mars program, will Sarah find the strength to finally be true to herself, or will she lose everything ... again?

Ground Control is a speculative fiction novel about a woman's journey into space.

335 pages
ISBN: 9781737310266
Publication date: May 17, 2022
Publisher: Sley House Publishing
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