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Professional Editing & Copywriting

assorted books on wooden table
assorted books on wooden table

It's more than just style, tone, & great grammar

Freelance editing & copywriting that delivers

Are you looking for a finicky, persnickety editor (& copywriter) that has worked with clients around the world?
I love to help authors make their stories—fiction and non-fiction, short and longform—shine.

Flexible, responsive, & professional

US, Canadian, or UK style conventions

Well-written content, delivered on time & on a wide range of subjects:

  • Body image & health

  • Fitness & exercise science

  • Ecommerce

  • LED technology

  • Business strategy

  • Comprehensive copy- & line editing

person holding book on blue textile
person holding book on blue textile

Let a professional make sure your message has the impact it deserves

Ground Control (Sley House, 2022)

"There's no going back."

Sarah's husband has accepted a position on the next shuttle to Mars, leaving her with the decision to pack up her life and their children to go with him—or lose him forever.

Ground Control is work of speculative fiction that follows a trailing spouse's journey into space, exploring themes of self, adventure, discovery, and home.

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a person's hand on a book
a person's hand on a book
Orbit cafe signage
Orbit cafe signage

Explore my published works, including short stories and articles published in various magazines and anthologies.

"Welcome" is a piece of flash fiction, the story of a safe place to survive... as long as you follow the rules. Download your copy of "Welcome" here:

Happy Clients

Karen brings life to our content through thoughtful editing, and a keen sense of our brand voice and audience. Our website, case studies, social media and slide deck content are all better from her work. If you need more than a touch of brilliance and relatable sensibilities in your communications, Karen can deliver!


Karen is a thorough editor, taking her time to look at both the big picture and the minutiae of the story. She isn't afraid to ask questions about the story's direction, continuity, and characters, even as she works to improve grammar and word choice. The changes she's suggested have made sense for the story and for my characters.

Jeremy Billingsley, author of A Mind Full of Scorpions