Pleased to meet you.

I’m Karen. I’m a writer, editor and blogger with an Honours BSc. in Human Kinetics. 

I’m more than just a finicky grammar nerd, though a finicky grammar nerd I am. (As a Canadian, I can handle either neighbor or neighbour, and prefer to go without the Oxford comma, but can be flexible if needed). My favourite thing is creating content with impact, whether it be your work of fiction, news release, website or article.

I live with my husband, three energetic kids and a codependent office dog, boring impressing them all with stories about how I used to be a nutritionist, personal trainer and national-level fitness competitor. 

My first novel, Ground Control, was published in early 2021 by Lights Out Ink Press. It was re-released in June 2022 by Sley House Publishing, on whose Tales of Sley House 2021 I collaborated as editor.

Working with Karen has been a delight. She is a thorough editor, taking her time to look at both the big picture and the minutiae of the story. She isn’t afraid to ask questions about the story’s direction, continuity, and characters, even as she works to improve grammar and word choice. She understands that even the most attentive authors can still be too close to their story, and provides an eye for the details that might otherwise go missed. Beyond that, she is open to discussions with the author to keep what works or what the author might feel is necessary, but in my experience, the changes she’s suggested have made sense for the story and for my characters.