Little Edits Make a Difference

I think that’s going to be my new catchphrase: “little edits make a difference.”

I was a guest on a podcast yesterday (and you should totally listen to it, not because of me, but because of the wonderful podcast host and his other weekly guests – it’s called the Sample Chapter Podcast, and they talk books, writing and life, but not necessarily in that order) and as I was waxing poetic about editing, I realized just how much I love editing.

There are lots of great storytellers out there that can’t write very well. That’s not a bad thing, because it gives pickily pedantic people like me a job. If you’ve got a great story, I can help clear away the rubble and polish it up so that it truly shines. (So let me!)

And then I mentioned how oddly passionate I am about editing and picking apart sentences and paragraphs to my own editor —who suffers with me, I assure you — and she suggested I make some short little videos about self-editing. These are little tips and tricks to help organize your work, improve your writing, and make your work better, but it does not preclude the need to hire a proper editor for your work, especially if it’s something long or important, like a novel you’re self-publishing, or if the proper editor you’re thinking of hiring is me.

But, until you want to hire me, why not take a look at my Little Edits Episode 1: Kill Your Darlings. It’s a good start.

Link to Episode 1 of Little Edits on YouTube

Note: I can’t promise there will be many of these, or even more of these, but enjoy this one, at least.