The cover of Ground Control by K.A. Hough: a woman's head and shoulders are silhouetted against a nebula.

Ground Control

by K.A. Hough

335 pages
ISBN: 9781914152
Publication date: April 2021

Publisher: Lights Out Ink

There’s no going back.

​Fifteen years ago, Sarah was a biology student with a lot of potential. Since then, she’s been coasting and lonely, following her ambitious biologist husband around as he rises through the ranks in his own career.

​As she packs up to follow her husband again, this time on a one-way mission to Mars, Sarah must face up to the choices from her past. Then, when an unknown bacteria infects the soil on the shuttle, threatening not just the people aboard but the very viability of the Mars program, she must find the strength to finally be true to herself.

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