Could Mars ever feel like home? Words superimposed on an alien landscape

What is Home?

What does ‘home’ mean to you? Home is a concept that most people understand, but it’s not the same for any two of us. Whether it’s where you hang your …

Writing-Specific Research

I had the incredible opportunity to ask for clarification and bounce what-ifs off a real-live expert in my pet pathogen, and add a new level of research and plausibility to my novel… while talking to someone that actually wanted to talk to me about bacterial soft rot! I didn’t want to mess it up.


Woman Crush Wednesday is a social media hashtag that celebrates strong female characters. I was so excited to hear that Lights Out Ink had chosen Sarah this week! She’s the …


If rejection is such a huge part of being a writer, maybe we can look at it differently.

Dear American Friends

American friends, I have some questions for you That’s it. I’ve had it. After years and years of having to explain and re-explain a certain holiday to my friends from the …