Fit, Quick! (An At-Home Workout)

DammitKaren: Fit, Quick! An at-home workout.Yesterday was a long, busy day, but I made time for a really quick, at-home workout: strength, endurance and plyos for legs, core, shoulders, chest, back… I’ve hit every major muscle group quickly and (somewhat) easily, with only a yoga mat, fitbands, and 5-lb dumbbells, all optional.

Take out the jumps and dumbbells if you need to, but give it a try!

1 – plyo squat jumps x15
2 – single-leg deadlifts with lateral delt holds x 12 each side
3 – plyo lunges with biceps curls x 15 each side
4 – pushups with plank jacks and bird dogs x 20
5 – side planks with reverse flyes x 15 each side


Videos of exercises are here.

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Did you try it?  What did you think?  Let me know!